Meet the 5 best sleeping tips that scientists bring to you

Having trouble sleeping is very common nowadays. Getting exhausted to our homes; Go to bed and try to rest; Put the head on the pillow but not be able to make our body rest.

Although not believed, it is something that many people are living in today.


The importance of rest and a good sleep, we do not have to question it. Replenishing the energies we spend in the day is only possible if we have a good rest at night. Sleeping is the most fundamental to the good health of our body.

In our lives, we spend more than 36% of our time sleeping. No doubt science has not come to show any problem when sleeping and rest is treated, but increasingly assures us that there are many benefits in good rest.

Sleep and live better with this 5 tips

The latest edition of the popular science journal, “The Science of Sleep,” was published by a supervisor’s study at the Mayo Clinic’s Sleep Disorders Center, Bernie Miller, where he outlined five tips for A better dream.

The human being needs to sleep as much as he needs to eat. Sleeping brings benefits to every part of our body that we can not even imagine. That’s why we hope these tips are useful for you to get a better rest.

Make your room a tomb:
As if you will be dealing with Dracula, the darkness and silence in your room must be fundamental. The idea is that you can fall asleep easily and you can stay asleep for a longer time. Therefore, having a cool, dark and quiet room can make your rest benefit. Also, prevent electronic objects from having terrain on it.

Create a sleep schedule:
Creating a schedule will create a habit in your body, which is ideal for your body to adapt and stay regular at the time of rest. Accustoming our brain is a simple task that only requires our constancy.

Do not exercise at night:
If you exercise at night you will make it hard for your body to rest, since the activity you are doing causes your body to become active and alert, despite how tired you feel.

Control your naps:
Naps during the day can make your body rest, but if these occur excessively or last longer due, it can affect your nighttime sleep, which should always be the most important. Try not to last more than 45 minutes in the day.

Keep a check on the caffeine you eat:
Avoiding foods and beverages rich in caffeine should be mandatory in your life, if you want a good rest. Our body continues to process these foods about 5 hours after consuming them, so if we do close to our sleep schedule our body will stay awake trying to assimilate what we have provided.
We hope these tips have been useful and you can put them into practice.

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