Loneliness and its close relationship with lack of sleep

Insomnia is one of the sleep problems that are most affecting the world population. Recent studies have determined that loneliness and isolation are factors that contribute to this illness occurring in us.

Within this modernized world, social networks have come to bring people closer together by using instant messaging. However, this has only created that many people decide to reduce the physical and real contact between them.

The fact that you can talk from your home with your family or friends, can make you feel like going out to visit them. That creates in our body a state of solitude that is taking over our mind. The company of other human beings may become important to us.

The loneliness factor and insomnia.

Likewise, there are situations in the present that generate in us that discouragement when of relating with the others is treated. The so-called bullying can cause us to stop believing in the goodness of people and end up enclosing ourselves.

That desire to be alone, can only worsen the dream situation we have. Having a good rest with long hours of restful sleep can become impossible if we cling to loneliness.

In a study conducted by King’s College in the UK, it turned out that 25% of the people surveyed were alone and that’s why they had their problem sleeping.

They tried to observe the various factors that affect our sleep and rest, being solitude one of the main causes.

There they studied the fact that these people had children, work friendships, stable couples, if they consume alcohol, among others. From there it was determined that those who felt the most alone were the ones who had the most trouble sleeping.

The study yielded that result, 25% of them felt alone and, worst of the matter is that the ages studied in the research ranged from 18 to 19 years.

Also, there are people who have been subjected to abuse and have developed insomnia. Those who suffered from abuse or abuse during childhood, had severe problems sleeping.

Suffering from bullying, abuse, abuse and violence can trigger isolation, resulting in sleep problems. Which makes us reflect on how dangerous it is for the health of anyone to suffer these situations.

Promoting good treatment and rapprochement towards people as well as neglecting isolation can be an effective treatment for insomnia problems.

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